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about us

Bicore is located at the Dutch innovation hub in Eindhoven since the founding of the company. Our office is located at Eindhoven Airport.

At Bicore we support our clients to improve their portfolio management. We offer two products: FLIGHTMAP and REALMAP.


REALMAP has been developed for housing corporations and commercial real estate parties. This is our innovative platform for real estate and finance portfolio management. It integrates the real estate and finance world to optimize social or financial returns.

REALMAP has been developed in collaboration with EY and BDO.


mission & vision


REALMAP supports real estate organizations in achieving both financial and social objectives. This is reflected in the functionality of the REALMAP platform but also in the personalized service provided by the REALMAP team.


REALMAP is based on technology that has proven itself in other sectors for over 10 years. REALMAP wants to play an important role in accelerating the transition to the use of these powerful decision support solutions in the real estate sector so that sustainability, quality, return, affordability and availability of real estate are continued and optimized.

our experts

jac goorden

Jac Goorden is COO, managing consultant and director at Bicore. As COO of Bicore, he is responsible for FLIGHTMAP and REALMAP. He works for international clients in various industries such as NXP, ASML, Cosun, TNO and real estate organizations.

Jac also teaches at universities and business schools. Jac holds an MSc in Mathematics and Computer Technology.

Ad Buisman

Ad Buisman worked 25 years at EY as an Associate Partner in the real estate department. After graduating, he started his career at EY and was responsible for the valuation department within the real estate department.

His focus was mainly on valuing and assessing real estate values, but has also carried out various feasibility studies, strategic assignments and risk analyses. in the past he advised both public and private parties at home and abroad. He is the managing director of REALMAP.

Wilco burggraaf

Wilco Burggraaf, CTO at Bicore can draw on 20 years of IT experience. He started out in the world of real estate and WOZ Valuations. After these projects he got hired as a consultant at several large banks, insurence companies and multinationals based in the Netherlands.

Wilco is responsible for the R&D operation of the Realmap/Flightmap platform.

Wilco’s focus is mainly on positioning the operation including deliverables and Big Data in the (private) cloud and using the full Microsoft Stack toolkit. He is also closely involved in Research and Innovations within the DevOps team.

Contact information:

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