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Try the REALMAP 3.0 Demo portal now!

REALMAP 3.0 is out now with with better perfomance, a smarter algorithm for dicision making and a refreshing new look and feel.

  • REALMAP 3.0
    In a nutshell

    Improved loading times - Modernized interface - Extended connectivity with other systems - ATAD implementation - More KPIs added - Ledger accounts added for better insight in your chosen strategy.

realmap 3.0

better, Smarter and faster.

What have we added to


  • New KPIs and constraints added

    Added constraint to dividend toggle, apply tactic on % of total rentable units constraint, IRR per complex KPI, Gross Initial Yield, Net Initial Yield Rent per M2, Rent per WWS point, Operating return, Capitalization factor, Vacant value ratio, Market value per M2.

  • Seamless connection to third-party dashboarding systems

    The connectivity of REALMAP has been extended to link other systems via a universal API connection. This serves the possibility to stream data from systems like project planning or finance directly into REALMAP.

  • Added ledger accounts

    We have added ledger accounts so that within a choses strategy the user can see the mutations on the balance sheet items

  • Improved dashboarding

    In line with prior REALMAP releases that included improvements for the charts, REALMAP 3.0 introduces a major update in dashboarding; to focus more on the charts itself and reduce distraction, a new style with brighter colours has been applied.

  • Improved data page user interface

    The user interface of the data pages has been improved. The most important improvement is the tab structure, with swifter navigation through the different pages.

  • ATAD Implementation

    The EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Directives (ATAD) is now implemented in REALMAP 3.0. ATAD regulations will be applied when making predictions and strategies.

  • Improved performance

    The loading time that comes with receiving large data sets has been significantly reduced. The biggest improvements are made in the calculation of portfolio KPIs that are based on data of the underlying complexes and rentable units.

  • Improved analyses

    More options to perform analyzes at complex level (mutations, maintenance, renovation options). It is now also possible to include the loan types in the financial mix.

We are happy to answer your questions and show the operation of REALMAP on-line or in person.

Note that the demo is designed for illustrative purposes only, as we are able to completely configure the portal to your needs. We have prepared a guide to help you get an idea of what REALMAP has to offer:

Click here to go to the REALMAP product page and discover more about REALMAP’s functionality.

To request a REALMAP demo, simply fill out the form and we will contact you soon!