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Asset Management


The real story.

REALMAP tells the real story based on strategy.

Easy and simple.

User-friendly software.

At the touch of a button.

Perform complex analyzes.

Single source of truth.

All departments aligned as a result of single source of truth.


Gain insight into the effects of your sustainability and innovation plans by means of clear dashboards.


Get support in balancing your real estate ambitions and gain clear and reliable insights from the realization of your objectives.


Monitor your financial ratios and gain insight into your cash and financing needs.


Project the development of your real estate portfolio based on your strategic objectives and determine which complexes need priority.

Make elaborate calculations and analyzes,

At the touch of a Button.

Predict thousands of scenarios

Integrated asset management

Asset management has never been easier to use. With incredibly powerful, intelligent and fast software:
  • Hundreds of complexes are effortlessly calculated over time.
  • It becomes instantly clear what the operational and financial consequences of a chosen strategy and underlying tactics are.
  • The outcomes of different compositions are easily compared (sequentially and simultaneously).
  • Every possible analysis is made in an instant, with all Excel functions available (waterfall, funnel, etc.)
  • Deviations can be analyzed to a complex level with the help of ”drill down”.
  •  The portfolio can be visualised three-dimensionally  in any way possible by use of bubble graphs; whether it is by age, region, energy label, property type, point value, quality score, rent level / segment, etc. REALMAP can do it.
  • Optimization can be done manually or via the built-in optimization function.
  • Any possible target value or limitation can be applied.
  • Suggestions are made for the second best option if a given target value constraint is not feasible.
  • Scenario analysis has never been easier.
  • You can instantly see what the difference is when objectives and / or tactics are changed and what the new optimum is.
  • Multiple types of reporting sets can be run in a flexible manner.
  • Data from external sources is effortlessly read.
  • Data from REALMAP is easily exported to Excel.
  • Adjusted data within Excel can instantly be read back into REALMAP.
  • You can  make DCF and APV calculations at any level.

Many settings, adjustments and additions can be made by the user himself:

  • In regulations, standards and scoring.
  • In fiscal profit calculation.
  • In type and definitions of KPIs.

'' REALMAP tells the real story about the assets and the chosen strategy ''

  • In the composition and design of reporting sets.
  • In the parameterization and configuration.

REALMAP explains, based on the chosen strategy and the associated parameters per segment, region, complex and legal entity:

  • The direct and indirect return that is made.
  • The operational and net cash flow that is created with this.
  • The state of financial health.
  • How the housing stock in terms of value and units and the accompanying financial statements develop over time per segment (15-year plan period).

'' REALMAP tells the real story about the financial health of your assets''

  • The movements in the balance sheet items (movements per year).
  • Which energy performances are delivered.
  • the over time development of important key performance indicators such as net portfolio yield, LTV, ICR, IRR  etc. 
  • What the “like for like” rent and value growth is.
  • The comparison of actual to budget with waterfall analysis of the deviations.

Optimal strategy for each department because of:

Single source of



  1. Get rid of error prone spreadsheets.
  2. Use high-quality data.
  3. Asset manager and CFO speak the same language and use the same profit and cost concepts.
  4. Everyone works within the same environment, but only gets to see what belongs to their role.
  5. An environment in which planning, management and reporting are done simultaneously.
  6. Reconciliation with the annual accounts, tax data and multi-year maintenance plans.


REALMAP staat voor Real Estate Asset and Liability Management Applicatie.

De optimizer werkt aan de hand van een wiskundig algoritme die door snelle en krachtige analyse alle relevante mogelijkheden doorrekent binnen de planningshorizon. 

REALMAP levert de maximaal realiseerbare wensportefeuille in combinatie met de optimale financiering en maximaal maatschappelijke of commercieel rendement.

REALMAP is een web-based platform en vergt geen investeringen in hardware.

REALMAP is ontwikkeld voor zowel woningcorporaties als commerciële vastgoed organisaties in Nederland en het buitenland.

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